Mark Moroian
In 2020 I received my Computer Programmer Ontario College Diploma after graduating from Seneca College.

For 3 years I was working in customer service as a Program Manager.

As a volunteer I maintained websites, designed graphics, corporate identity, logos, print materials, and made promotional videos for nonprofit organizations.

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Pygame platformer

The player can collect money moving along the stock chart candles.

The game level map is based on a simple text file to ease future expansions.

Source code on GitHub

Hyde’s Journey

Interactive web application

A simple web application that encourages children, between the ages of 7 to 12, to perform basic addition, subtraction and division of numbers. At start up, the game lets the player to turn off or on the audio.

After the player starts the game, the player can enter their name and age. These data are stored in the browser's local storage.

Random numbers are generated and the player must solve the questions in 90 seconds. When the time is up, the game proceeds to the next level.

The game will end if the player reaches their maximum number of misses for the game (6 incorrect answers), or if the player successfully completes all 3 levels.


Game of Thrones Math Game

JS clock

The clock shows the current system time on an analog display. The app is using Skeuomorphism as the design concept.

The user can turn on and off the timer function and type the desired interval for the cound down. The


Clock & Timer

Clock & Timer


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